In building out UniWhales, we have been relatively slower in adding new features for our Whale members (16000 UWL) compared to premium.

We are putting a lot of our resources into making some significant upgrades to the Whale tier experience.

What would you like to see?

We have spoken with ~12 of the 70 Whale tier members about what they would find most useful with our Power Brokers channel.

With 4 members, we got on the phone and talked DeFi, UniWhales, and of course a more granular vision of the data reporting they wanted.

With over 1 billion dollars in weekly volume of exchange transfers alone…

SushiWhales -tracking the large trades of SushiSwap

We just released a free version of SushiWhales, a Telegram alerts channel for SushiSwap: (

Why? We need to increase our funnel to get new DAO members in and SushiSwap is a vibrant, growing community that can provide us many eyeballs.

Due to our name, many think that we only cover Uniswap. But as you know, UniWhales is tracking many other protocols as our lean team continues to BUIDL. Plus as members of the Onsen program, this is a small “token of appreciation” to the SushiSwap team and community.

How will we make it a win/win for the DAO?

Hey everyone,

Web App V 0.0.2 (Night Mode)

It’s been a wild and fun ride so far.

We thrive on building an amazing community (more on that later) and high-powered, easy to use, DeFi analytics tools.

Speed is everything, which is why we have started out with and committed to fast, real-time data.

Two months ago, UniWhales was just one Telegram channel.

We have grown quite a bit since then:

  1. Twitter: 2500+ followers. No bots, organic growth.
  2. Main Telegram: 5000 followers, organic growth.
  3. Premium channels — All bots, organic growth.
  4. Permissioned DAO — live and growing.
  5. # of Premium / DAO members: ~200. We won’t name…

Quick post to say that we got our first version of the UniWhales web app live for premium members.

Yes there are many more features to add, but you can now do the following:

  • Customize tx value and dates. (minimum 10,000 USD)
  • Filter by Whale Address (Ox….)
  • Filter by Token (e.g. UNI, AAVE, PICKLE)

Check out the one minute demo below.

Thank you and make sure to follow us on Twitter:

UniWhales Team —

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