How to Master the EVM Wallet Tracker

The product of intensive development and refinement, the EVM Wallet Tracker has just undergone its biggest update yet. It now packs a powerful suite of tools that make it the most user-friendly and feature-rich wallet tracker on the market.

And the best part? It doesn’t cost a thing to use. You can monitor up to 10 wallets for free using the EVM Wallet Tracker, while UniWhales Pro and Whale tier subscribers have unlimited wallet tracking.

By interacting with the EVM Wallet Tracker Telegram bot, you can set up and filter noteworthy wallets in just a few clicks. From keeping tabs on your own onchain activity to watching what the whales and influencers are up to, the EVM Wallet Tracker does it all.

We also solve one of the most frustrating parts of NFT and DeFi alerts: spam transactions. Our team continuously upgrades our bot to filter as many spam transactions as possible.

Like any software, however, the Tracker is only as good as the data it’s supplied. The wallets, bridges, DEXs, and influencers you track is your prerogative, but with so much happening in the cryptosphere, it can be hard knowing where to start.

What do you follow…and what do you omit? In this guide to mastering the EVM Wallet Tracker, we’ll cover:

  • Basic setup: selecting chains, addresses and tx types to follow
  • Filtering: reducing noise to ensure every alert is relevant
  • Advanced usage: how to get the most out of the EVM Wallet Tracker

Getting Started

You can set up your own EVM Wallet Tracker on Telegram by interacting with the bot.

The Tracker follows 10 EVM chains at present (with more to come), meaning you’ll receive an alert any time an address interacts on any of these networks. Since all EVM chains have identical addresses, when you add an Ethereum address (0x… or ENS) you’ll automatically receive notifications for any activity that occurs on the other EVM chains like Avalanche C-Chain, Optimism, and Fantom. If there’s a network you’re not interested in following, however, you can disable it.

The EVM Wallet Tracker has been trained to omit spam transactions, but there’ll still be some that slip through the net. If you find a particular network is generating too many low-quality transactions, you can filter out that chain altogether.

Getting Started

Click on the EVM Wallet Tracker in Telegram and press the Start button. You should see this:

Press the +Add button to add your first wallet address.

By default, all 10 EVM chains currently supported by the bot are selected. If there’s any you’d like to deselect, just click the appropriate button (you can always edit this later). When you’re done, click Confirm.

You’ll then be prompted to select the transaction types you’d like to track:

For your own wallet, you’ll probably elect to keep everything selected. For a whale wallet you’re following, however, you might only want to follow Swaps or NFTs. Again, click Confirm when you’ve completed your selection.

You’ll now be prompted to enter the address of the first wallet you wish to track followed by the name you want to assign.

In the above example we’ve entered the smart contract address of the Luna Foundation’s Reserve. Hit Return to send the message to the bot and that’s it: your first wallet address is activated. To add more wallets, simply repeat the process.

Editing Your Choices

To keep tabs on the wallets you’re tracking and to update their parameters, click the List button in the EVM Wallet Tracker channel. You’ll see something like this:

To find out what chains it’s following and edit the wallet’s name and filters, click the blue edit hyperlink. Then follow the prompts to update your settings:

What to Track

Every day, hundreds of thousands of transactions occur across the leading EVM blockchains. The EVM Wallet Tracker gives you the power to monitor all of these transactions in real time as they are recorded on 10 EVM networks.

To avoid getting overwhelmed by notifications, you’ll need to whittle your selection down to the most important addresses only. Aside from personal wallets, you may wish to follow any of the following:

  • Pool addresses e.g. “COIN-ETH” on SushiSwap so you can track any swaps that are made with that pair
  • ENS addresses so you can follow known influencer wallets
  • Addresses of large token holders, so you can watch what whales are doing and how it affects your portfolio
  • Foundation wallets so you can track team and investor unlocks
  • NFT mints so you can monitor how many users are minting a specific NFT drop

In the coming weeks, we’ll be pushing out solutions to aid discovery of high volume and important DeFi and NFT wallets.

For UniWhales Pro and Whale members, the EVM Wallet Tracker provides advanced filtering options for greater precision. For example, it’s possible to set a minimum transaction size for swaps and other onchain activity. This means that you’ll only be notified of meaningful trades executed by wallets you’re following.

Advanced: ➕ Add a new wallet in one line:

/add [wallet] [label] [chains] [filters]

/add 0x5338035c008ea8c4b850052bc8dad6a33dc2206c mevcollector

/add 0xe28ad49154d0de74133a6a0ff4031e01babac0ce MAYC_Minter -chains=ethereum,avalanche -filters=nft_trade,nft_mint,swap

-chains: optional (default: all). List of chains.
-filters: optional (default: all). List of filters.
Available filters: transfer, swap, lp, nft_trade, nft_mint, nft_transfer, approval, other.

Have Your Say

Is there a network or feature you’d like to see added to the EVM Wallet Tracker? Is something not working properly? You can submit feedback and bug reports using this form. Regular user feedback is essential in helping us improve the EVM Wallet Tracker to ensure it remains the best product of its kind.

Privacy policy: The EVM Wallet Tracker only collects anonymized data for aggregated analysis. Personal data on users of the EVM Wallet Tracker, such as wallet labels and addresses, is not collected and stored. Anonymously collected aggregated data is used solely to gauge overall DeFi/NFT activity and improve the accuracy of the EVM Wallet Tracker. All data used by the EVM Wallet Tracker is fully encrypted and is not made available to third parties.



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