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3 min readJan 17, 2021


SushiWhales -tracking the large trades of SushiSwap

We just released a free version of SushiWhales, a Telegram alerts channel for SushiSwap: (

Why? We need to increase our funnel to get new DAO members in and SushiSwap is a vibrant, growing community that can provide us many eyeballs.

Due to our name, many think that we only cover Uniswap. But as you know, UniWhales is tracking many other protocols as our lean team continues to BUIDL. Plus as members of the Onsen program, this is a small “token of appreciation” to the SushiSwap team and community.

How will we make it a win/win for the DAO?
1. We will start publishing easy to read reports that parse and make sense of the data to show some trends among the whale traders of SushiSwap. We are doing this with Power Brokres and feedback has been good so more.

2. More SushiSwap tracking. This week, SushiSwap LP Add / Remove will be integrated into the existing LP Add / Remove channel.

3. LP Add / Remove dashboard will be integrated into the web app. A few of you have requested a lower threshold for LP add / removes and the web app will be the place for it.

4. In February, New / Unknown tokens will have SushiSwap launches in addition to Uniswap token launches.

5. We are also speaking with 0xMaki about the Miso program and potentially making a channel for it as well when it launches this year. Read more about Miso:

Outside of Sushi, here are some of the exciting things in store:

  • Tomorrow — integration of 1inch tx into the web app dashboard
  • This week — Sushi LP Add / Remove integrated into Telegram alerts and web app dashboard. First SushiWhales analytics report for DAO members
  • By end of month — a sortable dashboard (by APY) for yield farming opportunities (premium level 5000 UWL)
  • Power Brokers V2 by Friday with Maker Compound and AAVE labeling
  • Power Brokers Dashboard ~3 weeks

Webinar Updates

Unlike a typical Spotify podcast, we have interactive webinars where DAO members can ask questions and interact with our guests. An impressive lineup of crypto and DeFi builders and thought leaders.

Last three pieces of content (available for DAO members):

📄 Written Transcript of Interview 5: Red Phone Crypto on their 95 Theses and DeFi strategy in 2021 —
🎥 Webinar 6: How to best use UniWhales WebApp and TG Alerts —
🎥 Webinar 7: Diaries of an NFT Whale — NFT strategies w GMoneyNFT —

Upcoming Webinars

🎥 Webinar 8: Santiago Santos of ParaFi Capital on being an active DeFi investor — Thursday January 21st 5PM Berlin — 11AM New York
🎥 Webinar 9: Josh Ellithorpe, senior engineer at Coinbase to go over DeFi security. “How to DeFi safely.” Monday January 25th @ 9PM Eastern Time / 6PM Los Angeles time
🎥 Webinar 10: Do Kwon of Terra Protocol, Luna, Mirror Protocol and more — Tuesday February 2nd at 6PM New York time (Feb 3 8am Seoul, Korea time)
🎥 Webinar 11: Erik Voorhees on DeFi, ShapeShift DEX, and more — Thursday February 4th @5PM Berlin — 11AM New York

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Thanks for reading and please reach out if there is anything we can do to make UniWhales platform more useful for you.

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